Custom Harvesting and Processing Equipment for Hemp

Current Projects and Available Equipment

Power Zone is actively engineering and fabricating industrial hemp harvesting and processing equipment.


Industrial Hemp Harvester | Dual and Single Headed Harvesters

Industrial Hemp Harvesting | Dual and Single Headed Harvesters

  • Left or Right discharge
  • 8' to 24' widths
  • 6" to 15' height adjustment
  • Up to 12 acres per hour
  • Sickle Knife Driven
  • Quick Change Header Design
  • Easy Operation and In Cab Controls

Industrial Hemp Harvesting



Hemp Decortication

Fiber Track Hemp Decorticator

  • Self Contained Power or Tractor Power Driven
  • 1 to 10 ton per hour (varies by crop)
  • Mobile or Fixed Location
  • Bale or Hand feed
  • Custom number of rollers and roller design
  • Separate Hurd and Fiber outputs

Hemp Decortication



Hemp Harvest Collection Unit

Hemp Harvest Collection Unit | The GrassHopper

  • 45 and 20 cubic meter carts
  • Towable and collects from a combine harvester
  • Live bottom floor
  • Wireless controls
  • Wireless video feed of belts and hopper
  • Self-contained power

Hemp Collection Cart



No-Till Farming Clone Planting Unit

No-Till Farming | Alternative Farming Practices

No-Till Farming