Industrial Hemp Decorticating and Processing

Industrial hemp was legalized in Colorado in 2013.  With thousands of uses and hundreds of cultivars, the industry can be very complex.  While the seeds and flowers have markets developing for dietary seed, oils, CBDs, and cattle feed, the value chain for the stalks are still coming of age. 


For most products made from hemp stalks, the first step is decorticating; separating the outer bast fiber from the inner woody core called hurd.  Currently, there are small, hand fed decorticating machines available from China and large, multi-million dollar complete processing lines from Europe.


At Power Zone Agriculture, we understand that there is a wide spectrum of decorticating and hurd processing equipment and that each customer will have unique requirements to fill.  Let us help you find the right solution for your specific needs.

See the photo gallery of Power Zone's decorticator


To see Power Zone's GrassHopper Hemp harvesting system, click here.

 Some configurations may include:

Location Options Machine Feed Options Processing Options Final Output Options

Large fixed plant

Portable (trailer mounted)

Moveable (on a light stand)

Mobile (in the field)

By hand

Square bale

Round bale


Hurd/bast separation only

Fiber Hackling

Fiber Softening

Fiber Degumming/cleaning

Hurd sorting

Hurd de-dusting

Hurd re-sizing

Hurd in bulk

Hurd to super bags

Fiber baling

Fiber coiling

Fiber packing